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Important Terminology

Access Permission The privileges granted to a user. A user's access permission will dictate what tasks they are able to carry out in the Content Management System.
Activation The process carried out by a webuser after they have registered on the website. The activation process is in place to verify a user's identity.
Archive A method of storing old webpages for future reference.
Asset A file stored within GCOM. The file could be of numerous formats including images, pdfs, videos, word documents or spreadsheets.
Automation The process of adding a timer to menus and/or pages. Elements can have a expiry date or go live date associated to them reducing the workload of those managing content.
Emailgroup A group of users established to send emails to.
Folder A directory created to organise/store assets in.
Glossary A collection of definitions that can be associated to particular terms within the content.
Menu A navigation link on the website that allows users to move to different webpages.
Page A webpage that is associated to a menu item.
Template A layout of how the content will be displayed on a webpage. Templates are usually in place upon installation.
Theme The design of how the website will look and feel. Some websites have numerous brands that the user can switch on/off.
User A person that uses the website or GCOM.
Usergroup A group of people that use the website or GCOM.