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I want to update a PDF document with a new version.

  1. You will need to go to ‘Modify Page' and in the ‘Attached assets' box you will need to tick the ‘remove' box next to the PDF you wish to remove, this will take the old PDF off of your site.
  2. To reattach a new PDF in its place, go to the asset manager and choose from the list of available folders which folder you want to keep the new asset in and then select ‘add asset'.
  3.  You will then need to add the asset to your ‘asset basket.' Once you have all your new documents select ‘attach to page' in the right hand actions panel.
  4. Go back to the content manger, select the page where the previous PDF used to sit and in the right hand actions column you will see ‘attach to page' in green. Select this and this will attach the new PDFs to the page.
  5. By going into that page you can then reorder your assets. Save the page and your new PDFs will now be available on your Live site to download.