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The Multimedia team at SHILLING Communication have upgraded their Content Management System with the aim of providing sharp, professional and user friendly websites which can be created, developed and subsequently launched in a matter of weeks.

With the Content Management System (CMS), it's possible for anyone to create, edit and manage content on your website. All this is possible without any requirement of previous knowledge in web programming or HTML. The CMS is designed to bypass such technicalities by providing simple instructions for entering titles, page information, text content and photos - just by saving your page, the CMS does all the hard work and arranges your content to exactly how you wish to see it on the web page.

New Features

GCOM now includes a series of new features that will be explained throughout the User Manual. These new features are listed below for quick reference.

  • Dashboard
  • Image Manager
  • Automation and Archiving
  • Document Basket
  • Content Editor

The Multimedia team are also working on some extra features that can be added in addition to the default installation.

  • Trustees Online
  • E-card Generator

More information about these features will become available very shortly.

How to use this manual

The User Guide has been designed to be friendly and easy to use.

Where ever you see a question mark (?) in the CMS of your site there will be a link to this User Manual on how to carry out the particular task you are on.

Which ever bit of the CMS you get stuck on you will always find step by step instructions on how to carry out that task.

If this is not the case and you feel that some instructions are missing then please let us know as soon as possible and we will correct this.

This online help guide is designed to walk you through the basics of getting a website up and running and maintained. Please feel free to inform us of any problems, or any suggestions as to how we can improve this online help manual or the CMS itself, contact details can be found by clicking on the Further Help page.